A platform that aims to present my own creations or those works I am directly involved in.

After many years of artistic work, especially in the world of music,
I decided to promote my creations independently and free from market constraints, without depending on decisions by other organizations that sometimes hinder or condition the creative process itself.
To me, creating is a personal need. My means of expression are music performance (piano), the creation of music or multidisciplinary shows, writing, and artistic illustration.


comilla1 CD Clementi on a Clementi & Co square piano comilla2
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At UMC I will offer works in different fields: Recordings, Publications, Paintings and illustrations, Scripts, stories and poetry, Concerts and performances, Audiovisuals, Lectures and dissemination and Courses.

These are addressed to all those who get pleasure from culture. I hope to share my interests with them, as well as with all educational and cultural entities that wish so.